Foreign Sons is a band birthed in Las Vegas, a city of lights and big name

entertainers. Fueled by a passion for a new sound with classic influences, Foreign

Sons has set their sights on melding the two. The four members, each from different

musical backgrounds with influences ranging from pop punk to metal, came

together in 2012.

Brothers—Kyle, Josh, and Chris—along with friend David all had a dream

of starting a band that would revive the days of true rock. The sound that emerged

became something reminiscent of the early 2000's rock integrated with the sounds

of today's top artists.

In December of 2013, Foreign Sons released their debut record Of Want

and Wisdom.The band has only just completed the first steps of their journey to

seeing their dreams become reality. The hope and vision that propels them forward

is to create more music that invites the masses through media and concerts into the

glory of the old age while offering something new and unique.